What you should know as a beginner welder

The term ‘welding’ refers to the process of fusing two pieces of metal or plastic together by heating them to the melting point and joining them while hot. When cooled, the materials are permanently connected.

Health hazards

Because of the hot temperature that is needed to perform the welding procedure, it is not something that can be safely done without any preparations. Welding relies on electric current or open flame to melt the materials so there is a high risk of injury.

To prevent burns, you should always weld in thick protective gloves that are specifically designed to withstand the dangers of welding. Eyes are another area prone to injury while welding. The bright sparks that appear when operating the welding power supply, the tool used for welding, will cause damage to the eyes if not protected properly. Prolonged exposure to UV light results in inflammation of the cornea. This is why welding should only be done while wearing a welding helmet. The helmet protects the face from any flying sparks and it is equipped with a dark faceplate that allows you to safely look at the materials and tools in your hands without having to worry about eye damage.

Proper equipment

If you plan on performing welding procedures, you should invest in proper equipment. No tool will prevent injuries if you do not know how to use it but investing in high-quality protection gear and welding power supply can minimize that risk.

Some of the most renowned makers in the welding industry include Lincoln Electric, Eastwood, or Hobart. Their products receive generally positive feedback from professionals. One maker stands out among them. Kicking Horse Welder is a Canada-based company that specializes in manufacturing quality welding tools and accessories. They provide many types of welders that can be used for flux welding, arc welding, and others. They even have some multi-purpose models. All of their products come with a one year long warranty period.

When purchasing your first welding tool, consider what materials you are planning on welding. You will need a different welder to fuse thicker metals or plastics. If your welding needs are just basic home repairs around the house then a standard stick welder should be enough but if you need it to perform more precise and delicate jobs then a TIG welder will be a better choice. If you want something that is able to perform different welding processes then a multi-purpose machine will probably be your best bet. Read the description on the welder’s packaging to make sure it fits your needs.

Welding is not an easy process but with the right preparations and knowledge, everybody should be able to learn it. If it is your first time welding, obviously make sure to read the welder’s manual thoroughly before you start. The best idea, however, would be to ask someone to teach you how to weld. You can ask a friend or maybe search for a welding class in the local community college. Practicing with an experienced person will allow you to learn how to weld not only effectively, but also safely.